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Why Choose Us For Your Business and Family Insurance Needs? Well, It's Simple.
By choosing East Coast Financial of Central Florida, you are entering into a relationship opposed to a transaction. Transactions are automated tasks a computer can do. Our clients choose us and refer their friends and family because they enjoy speaking with us, trust in our advice and appreciate the full transparency we deliver. If you have a family or business related problem we will have a solution, and this we guarantee.
Our clients trust us because we take the human approach while utilize modern technology and advanced tools. Before we make any recommendations we learn your most important business and family needs.  How can one make an important financial recommendation without key details about your family, business, financials, personal or retirement goals and more? Transactions may occur, but only throughout the growth of our professional relationship.
About Us
Taking the Nuance Out of Insurance, Nationwide!


Since inception, we have lived by the following: "Do what is in the best interest of your clients and the best outcome will be realized by all parties involved". This is second nature to us.


It takes years of experience to develop complex insurance strategies, such as matching the best insurance funding product and features to a complex business continuity agreement.


We are an independent agency with resources and technology touted by the largest insurance moguls of today. We deliver non-biased, comprehensive advice to serve your best interest.
Is Your Buy-Sell Agreement Funded With Life Insurance? In the Event Your Partner Passes You May Need Capital To Buy Their Part Of The Business.
Superior Business Protection. Partner With Us Or You Might Be Partnering With Your Partners Spouse.
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We don't just sell or 'push' insurance -- We create business succession strategies and identify family needs, using insurance as a tool to fulfill these strategies and goals.


Many insurance agencies and financial services firms are 'old hat' and let technology pass them by. Not us! Technology simplifies our business which increases the quality of service to our clients.


We are an independent agency in the sense that we are not bound by one carrier, we have a back office staff with over 50 insurance professionals that work diligently in the best interest of our clients.
About Us
We Help Families and Business Owners Find The Best Insurance Fit.

We keep things super simple and keep the Nuance out of Insurance. There is no fluff and no confusion when dealing with our agents. We learn yours and your families or businesses needs and find you the absolute best insurance option.


Your information is 100% secure and encrypted.